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Therapeutic Family Life has a passion to be a part of positively impacting neglected, abused and hurting children in Texas. Our agency wants to ensure every child has the opportunity to experience the unconditional love and support of a family.

Therapeutic Family Life (TFL) is a Christian-based, private, non-profit organization that places children into nurturing foster homes, where children can reach their fullest potential. Therapeutic Family Life is dedicated to the goal of developing healing environments where foster parents, as well as biological families, are trained to help children through connecting principles and trauma informed interactions. The objective is to help children feel empowered and safe by offering them choices, building trust, and establishing close relationships.

Our mission is accomplished through community resources and skills training to equip foster parents and biological families to connect on a child’s level, sending a message of safety and caring, giving each child a “voice,” and teaching social skills through playful interactions. A support network is available to assist children in positive ways to meet their needs, while boosting their confidence and resilience to successfully transition through environmental changes.

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