“The risk is great, but the need is greater.”

Across the United States there are more than 400,000 children living in foster homes. The Texas foster care system has over 30,000 children needing loving and supportive families to care for them while in the CPS system.

Therapeutic Family Life works diligently to train and equip families with skills necessary to provide a safe home for children in care while meeting each child’s individual needs. Therapeutic Family Life has homes for Basic Foster Care, Therapeutic Foster Care and Kinship Care that are qualified to care for specific needs of children in the foster care system.

Basic Foster Care homes provide a temporary living environment intended to meet the basic developmental needs of a child. These basic needs include: experiencing a loving family unit, safety and a sense of belonging; being provided with a proper education, nutrition and clothing; receiving appropriate supervision; being exposed to healthy personal care and hygiene practices; and having the opportunity to learn interpersonal skills and socialization.

Therapeutic Foster Care homes are licensed to provide additional structure, support and supervision in addition to meeting the basic developmental needs of a child. Physical, emotional, developmental or sensory special needs or significant medical needs may be present in children needing placement in a therapeutic foster home. Additionally, the children living in these homes may benefit from the services of a professional therapist or medical professional.

Kinship Care homes are licensed family members or close family friends who agree to license their home to make it possible for a child to remain with family and maintain a family relationship rather than enter the foster care system.

Therapeutic Family Life provides a daily living subsidy for each child placed in their licensed foster homes to reimburse the cost of everyday care.

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